In order to avoid any misunderstandings and to ensure your pleasant rest, please read the following regulations. Confirmation of the acceptance of the reservation is tantamount to reading and accepting these regulations.

1. Booking an apartment is tantamount to acceptance of the Pomorskie Apartamenty rental regulations

2. The one-off cost for the preparation of the apartment is payable when you pick up the keys in the office Pomorskie Apartments in amounts: Sea Towers 101 apartment price 120.00 PLN – Sea Towers Apartment 44 price PLN 100.00 – Baltiq Plaza Apartment price PLN 95.00 – Apartment Ceynowy 1 price PLN 95.00 – Grand Suite price PLN 95.00 – Sopocka Kamienica Suite price PLN 100.00 – Nadmorski Dwór Apartment price PLN 100.00 – Lazur Apartment price PLN 95.00 – Monaco Apartment price PLN 95.00 – Picasso Suite, Zefir, Bałtyk, Sirocco, Mistral, Milano, Kapitan, Bora, Monsun, Amber, Marin, Pier, Bryza, Pasat, Admiral price PLN 95.00 Komandor Suite, Promenade PLN 120.00

3. The apartment is rented for a day.

4. The minimum rental period of the Apartment is [winter season 1-2 day] [summer season from the 2 days].

5. The number of guests staying in the apartment can not be more than 4 adults. If more people will be noticed, the rental agreement will be terminated immediately, the rental costs will not be refunded.

6. The stay in the Apartment lasts from 16:00

7. Extending the stay in the apartment should be reported, until 10:00 am the day before the expiry of the apartment rental date.

8. The wishes of extending the stay are taken into account as far as the available rental dates of the apartment are concerned.

9. The object accepts payment in cash in PLN and accepts payment by credit cards: Visa, MasterCard

10. To complete the reservation, you must provide your name and surname, credit card number, expiration date of the credit card.

11. Pomorskie Apartamenty is entitled to charge 50% of the total amount of the booking at any time after booking. Additional payment of 50 percent of the entire booking to be made on the day of Check in.

12. If canceled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged. If canceled or modified upgrade later or in case of no-show, the property will charge 100% of the total amount of the reservation.

13. Collection of keys to the apartment  from 21:00 to 22:00 is extra charged 60,00 PLN
Collection of keys to the apartment in the from 22:00 to 0:00 is extra charged 90:00 PLN
Possibility of late arrival must be agreed with the property.

14. The payment of the stay must be made on the day of arrival during the Check in. A national ID card is required for a proper Check in. If the identity card raises doubts, a second document confirming the identity of the registered person (eg passport, driving license) should be provided without any questions.

15. Pomorskie Apartamenty reserves the right to refuse to accept a Guest who does not have a valid ID card or does not want to show a document, is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, during the previous stay grossly violated the above Regulations.

16. The remaining balance of the stay must be paid on the day of Check in. In order to clarify any ambiguities, please save and show a copy of the payment made (advance payment or full payment for the apartment rental).

17. On the day of handing over the keys, an oral instruction on operating electrical equipment on the apartment’s equipment is given. Then the guest becomes acquainted with the technical and quantity status of the rented apartment’s equipment.

18. Failure to submit comments and objections regarding the technical condition at the time of introduction is tantamount to the fact that the apartment was picked up without any reservations or objections from the Guest.

19. Pomorskie Apartments do not accept animals in the apartments. A guest who does not comply with this rule will be asked to leave the apartment. The paid amount will not be refunded.

20. Items left by the Guest in the Apartment will be returned at their expense to the address indicated. In the absence of address indication, the items left behind will be lost.

21. Pursuant to the provisions of the fire regulations in the Apartment, it is FORBIDDEN to use instruments or apparatus powered by electricity or gas, which do not constitute equipment of the apartment, eg: electric heaters, heaters, gas burners, flammable materials, explosives and materials with an unpleasant odor.

22. Every time you leave the apartment we remind you to check if it is closed (windows, doors). In addition, please turn off unnecessary lighting and turn off the water.

23. Pomeranian Apartments are not responsible for the Guest’s items left in the apartment.

24. It is obligatory to NOT take out things of the apartment equipment.

25. In the apartment and on the balcony there is TOTALLY PROHIBITED LIGHTING CANDLES AND SMOKING.
If thos erules will be broken by the guest, the penalty amount 1000 PLN will be charged.

26. Night silence is valid from 22:00 to 6:00 A guest who does not abide by this rule can be asked to leave the apartment.

27. The apartments are located in a quiet residential area, so there can not be organized loud events.

28. In the event of Police or City Guard intervention, Pomorskie Apartamenty will impose a penalty in the amount of 500.00 PLN .

29. Guest who intentionally or accidentally destroys the item of the apartments equipment will be charged for repair costs or it will be obliged to cover it in full existing costs. The guest is also responsible for all damage resulting from the behavior of third party people staying in the apartment and its guests.

30. On the day of departure, along with the returning of the key will be checked the technical condition and the quantitative equipment of the rented apartment. Only then the Guest has the right leave the apartment. Any claims regarding any verified damage upon receipt of the apartment by the Guest, will be brought to court.

31. In the event of a gross breach of the terms of these Regulations, the rental service of the apartment
can be terminated immediately, resulting in a necessity Guest leaving the rented Apartment.

32. An early departure of the Guest, due to independent reasons, does not entitle him to refund the fee
unused stay.

33. If you can use a garage space in a garage or parking space the Guest is obliged to park their car only and exclusively at the place indicated by Pomorskie Apartamenty.

34. If one set  keys will get lost along with the remote control to the main gate the Guest will be charged 514.00 PLN penalty amount . If will get lost keys to the apartment without a remote control, the Guest will be charged PLN 324.00 penalty on the day the situation occurred.

35. Personal data will be processed by Pomeranian Apartments solely for the purpose of implementation
booking, facilitating further reservations and marketing purposes (e.g. sending an informative newsletter by e-mail) in accordance with the provisions of the Act from on 29.08.2007 on the protection of personal data. The reservation holder has the right to inspect your personal data and their updates.

36. All reported opinions and complaints are very valuable to us and constitute an important source of information about your expectations and serve to improve our offer and the quality of services provided by Pomorskie Apartamenty, hereinafter referred to as Pomorskie Apartamenty

Complaints can be submitted by:

– in writing – in person in the office of Pomeranian Apartments or e-mail (

– verbally – in personal contact with an employee or by phone,

Pomorskie Apartamenty inform that a complaint submitted by a Guest, immediately after acceptance of their reservations and providing a valid mailing address, will facilitate and accelerate the complaint review by PA. At the request of the Guest, PA will confirm, in writing or otherwise agreed with the Guest, the fact that he has filed a complaint.

Pomeranian apartments undertake to consider the complaint immediately after receiving it, no later than within 14 business days from the date of receipt of the complaint to PA. In justified situations, if the period of 14 working days is not sufficient to provide a response and there is a need to conduct additional explanatory proceedings, the PA will reply in 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint to the PA office.

37. We kindly ask you to follow the regulations and wish you a pleasant stay